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    The Centralia school is part of USD 380 Frankfort - Vermillion - Centralia district.

    Preschool and Kinderprep programs are located in Vermillion.
    Kindergarten through 12th Grade programs are located in Centralia.

    Please contact the school to receive more information on enrolling and activities.
    Phone: 785-857-3324


    The Centralia Cemetery is located north of town on 92nd Road. 

    President: Marjorie Feldkamp - 785-246-6899 or 785-799-5790
    Secretary: Joy Glatczak - 785-857-3538 or 785-799-7089
    Treasurer: Ron Little - 785-857-3559 or 785-799-5459
    Cementary Books: Marsha Walters - 785-857-3769 or 785-844-1959
    Faye Weyer - 785-857-3583 or 785-294-2838

  • POOL

    The City Pool opens from May to August each year.
    Hours are 1PM to 8PM Daily and are subject to change based on the weather.

    Season Passes

    Children 4 years to 12 years are $2/day.
    Children 13+ years are $3/day.
    Single Season Pass is $40/person.
    Family Four Season Pass is $100. (Immediate Family Only)
    Add an additional member to Family Four Season Pass for $10/person.

    You can purchase Pool Passes at City Hall or during open hours at the Pool.

    GENERAL RULE: Any child 6 years old or younger or any child who can not swim across the pool unaccompanied MUST be ACCOMPANIED and SUPERVISED at all times or the Lifeguards on duty can ask the child to refran from getting in the pool or leave the pool until an adult can arrive to accompany him/her.


    Hidden Park is located at 5th & John Riggins Ave. This park has tennis courts, basketball courts and a large playground that was installed August 2015.
    The Centralia Pool is also located within this park.

    If you would like to reserve the Shelter house for an activity, please call City Hall at 785-857-3764, cost to reserve is FREE.


    The baseball feilds are located on the South end of Town on Walnut between 5th & 6th Street. 
    If you are interested in playing baseball and softball, please contact Mandy or Dusty Thompson on the Centralia Baseball/Softball Association.
    T-Ball is offered as well for players 3 years of age - KinderPrep age.
    Season runs Spring to Summer each year.


    There a park at 3rd and Main Street where soccer nets are set out during Spring and Summer for children to play on.
    If you are interested in paying soccer, please contact Kim Durland with Corning Cougar Soccer.
    Kiddie Soccer is offered to KinderPrep classes.
    Season runs in the Fall of each year


    There is a park located South of 4th and Main Street. Here is a small place to sit.
    The old Jail is located there for History enthusiasts. 




    The Centralia Lake is located 2 miles South of Centralia on G Road/Highway 187 and 1 mile West on 72nd Road.
    The Lake Manager is Sher Johnson and she can be reached by cell with any questions during April - October.
    Parking Permits, Camping Permit and Boating Permits are REQUIRED. There is a fee for not displaying your permit properly.
    Rules and Reulgations are posted at multiple spots throughout the lake.

    You can get your permits at City Hall anytime or out at the lake between April 1st and October 1st from the Lake Manager.
    Questions, call City Hall at 785-857-3764 or the Lake Manager (between April 1st and October 1st) at 1-785-410-8950


    There are new rates effective for the 2017 Lake Season. Buy your Centralia Lake Permits here.

    The camping spots at Centralia Lake is First Come First Serve! 

    Vehicle & Recreation Permits

    Parking Permits
    Daily First Vehicle................. $5.00
    Daily Add. Vehicle................. $3.00
    Annual 1st Vehicle..................$30.00
    Annual Add. Vehicle.............. $10.00

    Camping Permits
    Daily Camping Permit............ $10.00
    Annual Camping Permit......... $50.00
    Utility Hookup 30 AMP......... $10.00 EXTRA
    Utility Hookup 50 AMP......... $12.00 EXTRA
    Add. Tent Camping................ $1.00

    Boating Permits
    Motor Boat Daily Permit........ $5.00
    Motor Boat Annual Permit..... $50.00
    Jet-Ski Daily Permit................ $10.00
    Jet-Ski Annual Permit............. $75.00


    PHONE: 785-857-3331

    Monday 10:30AM to 7:00PM
    Tuesday CLOSED
    Wednesday 8:30AM to 2:00PM
    Thursday 8:30AM to 2:00PM
    Friday 8:30AM to 2:00PM & 4:00PM to 6:00PM
    Saturday 8:30AM to 12:00PM

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of the Centralia Community Library is to provide diverse cultural opportunities for reading, learning, and entertainment to all citizens within its service area.

    Library Card Information

    Your library card allows you to check out ten items at a time, but only two items may be movies. You must present his or her card to check out materials on someone's card that is not your own. (This includes family members.) All materials are checked out for three weeks (This includes movies.).
    An item may be renewed only once and then must be returned. If you have overdue materials, no new materials can be checked out until you have returned or renewed those overdue materials. This will mean that if your materials have been renewed once, no new materials will be available until the overdue materials have been returned. Even if you have only one overdue item, you will be unable to check out additional material until the overdue item is renewed (provided it has not been renewed previously) or has been returned.

    Donations to the Library

    The library will accept donations of books and movies with the understanding that they may be used or disposed of as the library determines is appropriate. Gifts that are not added to the collection will be placed on the spring book sale.
    If requested, the library will supply a letter listing the number of items donated. Gifts of items other than materials or money, not covered by written policies shall be considered by the librariean and the library board.
    The library reserves the privelege of using cash donations in a manner that will best serve the operation of the library and its service to patrons. If cash donations are made with requests for specific materials to be purchased, the Materials Selection and Collection Development Policy shall apply.


  • Centralia Post Office

    The Centralia Post Office is located at 505 4th Street.
    Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 8AM to 12PM