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City Utilities

The City of Centralia provides Water, Sewer, Electricity and Solid Waste Pickup.

Utility bills are calculated and sent out by the 30th of each month. The bills are due on the following 15th of the month and will be shut off for non-payment on the 25th of the month. All late bills are assessed a 15% late fee on the 15th of the month.

There is an option to have your payment automatically withdrawen from your checking account. This ACH option will only be ran once during the month on the due date of the bill.

Payments can be made at City Hall during regular office hours or sent by mail to P.O. Box 247 Centralia, KS 66415 before the bill due date.

All emergency outages between 8AM and 5PM can be reported at 785-857-3764 and all emergency outages after hours can be reported at 785-369-8677.





City Utility Rates


Base Rate: $20 per month plus $.10 per KWH

All users of the electrical energy supplied by the City of Centralia shall be subject to a Fuel Adjustment cost based on usage.

The Fuel Adjustment charge varies each month.


Base rate:  $25.00 per month plus $5.50 per 1000 gallons used.


Base rate: $38.00 per month


Base Rate:  $20.00 per Month. TRASH IS PICKED UP FRIDAY MORNINGS.



COMMERCIAL RATES for electrical, water, and sewer can be obtained by contacting City Hall. 





Utility Application

Electric, Water, Sewer & Trash

A deposit of $300.00, photocopy of drivers license and a completed utility application form (below) are required to start services.

Click here to download utility application Utility Appl. Form.docx

Click here to download an application for Automatic Bill Payment thru the bank of your choice.

Seneca Sanitation is contracted for Solid Waste service in Centralia. 

Trash pickup is every Friday morning.


Shutting Off Utilities

If you are moving from town, please contact City Hall in order to have your utilities shut off
The City will send you a final bill to your new address.